Anchored By Community

Our loyalty is with our community; From the small businesses incubated under our roof to the local partnerships we set up in our neighborhood, The Jupiter puts people first. Our staff is dedicated to bringing the best of themselves to our guests' hotel experience as well as to the community at large. Here's a look at nonprofit organizations we've worked with over the last 15 years.


Jupiter staff members volunteer their time, money, and more, at local, regional, and national nonprofits. Here are a few places you might see our folks around town:
  • Community Warehouse (Tod Breslau, Board Member)
  • A Village for One (Julie Davies, Executive Board Member)
  • Risk/Reward (Katie Watkins, Producing Artistic Director)
  • Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride/Movember
  • Portland Rescue Mission
  • Lightwood Farm Sanctuary
  • Access Fund
  • Oregon Brew Crew
  • NPR/Public Radio
  • Environment Oregon
  • National Forest Foundation
  • p:ear


Since we opened Jupiter Hotel in 2004, we've made a point to put our community first whenever possible. That includes sponsoring as many nonprofit fundraisers, events, parties, and board meetings with deeply discounted or complimentary use of our 12,000+ square feet of event space.

The support of our communities is what keeps us going. From international travelers to local partners and everyone in between. We’re grateful AND working hard to give that support in return.

Check out a few local orgs that we've hosted in the last couple years, and give them a little love yourselves!


“Fighting for innovation is not easy. It is hours at city hall championing a new design aesthetic; it is rounds of event permitting with the fire marshal; it is fixing city parking woes for visiting tour buses; it is leading hard discussions on what our clients deserve and need. And it’s following through 100% of the time every time. We don’t give up on what we believe in. It makes us who we are.”

Kelsey Bunker Co - Owner

Something Great Here

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