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June 29, 2021
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July 27, 2021
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Waterfalls in Driving Distance

The Pacific Northwest's stunning natural beauty can't be beat, and when you add majestic, magical waterfalls to the mix, your opportunity to see Earth's wonders is closer than you think. Here are a few of our favorite waterfalls within driving distance of Jupiter NEXT!
Photo of Multnomah Falls waterfall in Oregon


Just a 30-minute drive from Portland heading east towards Hood River, this iconic beauty is the most popular waterfall in the area, but for good reason. It's spectacular and at 620-ft comes in as the tallest waterfall in Oregon. Visiting Multnomah Falls is a must if you're in the Columbia River Gorge, but expect crowds, since these falls are one of Oregon's top-visited landmarks. If you want to get a little exercise, climb the switchbacks all the way to the top of the falls!
Photo of bottom of Bridal Veil Falls in Oregon


While you're stopping in to witness the stunning beauty of Multnomah Falls, head over to Bridal Veil Falls for a quick hike to see another stunning waterfall. This scenic viewpoint features the 120-ft Bridal Veil waterfall, and on your way out, keep going to see some extremely rad views of the Columbia River and Gorge.
Photo of bottom of Latourell Falls in Oregon


Feel like getting your hike on while viewing these beauties? Check out Latourell Falls, also located on the Historic Columbia River Highway, not far from Bridal Veil. While on your leisurely 2-mile hike, you'll see old logging buildings, cross over some solid wooden bridges, and lots of the flora and fauna the PNW is known for. The trail is family friendly, includes a few switchbacks, and will totally be worth the climb.
Photo of a waterfall at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon


Want even more bang for your buck? Head down to Oregon's "crown jewel," Silver Falls State Park for a day trip. On a not-too-challenging 7.2-mi hike looping around some of the most scenic trails we know, you'll see no less than 10 gorgeous waterfalls -- and you'll even get to stand behind one! The falls are active year-round, and in our opinion, each one is even more powerful than the last. Totally worth the trip!

Photo of Abiqua Falls in Oregon


Didn't get enough of the waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park? There are plenty more in the area, like the 92-ft tall Abiqua Falls near to the park. It's on private property, but the abbey has granted public access for the short hike to the falls. The short 1-mi. trail is steep and unimproved, giving you a touch of a challenge before day's end (or at the beginning if you're up for it!), and unlike the state park trail nearby, Abiqua's trailhead is pet-friendly!


After a long day of hiking and viewing epic waterfalls across the state, treat yourself to a night at Jupiter NEXT. Keep the good times rolling at Doug Fir Lounge(reopening soon!) or dive into the summery cocktails at Hey Love. Summer at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU!

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