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June 11, 2021
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June 29, 2021
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How do you stay cool under the Portland summer sun?

We know that Portland has a reputation for always being cloudy, rainy, and gray. Did you know, however, that Portland's real magic happens during the summer, when the bright blue skies open wide and sunshine pours in? You do now! Check out some ideas to help you stay cool this summer.
Photo of man shopping for beer at grocery store

1. The Whole Foods Walk-In Beer Cooler

You've probably heard of overheated folks being drawn in droves to the frozen section of the grocery store when temps reach their highest, but did you know that several Whole Foods around the Rose City have walk-in coolers to chill their beer? What better way to stay cool! Bring a camping chair, a light jacket (you'll get a little chilly after a while!), or learn how to use the beer cases to make your own beer-fort. But this time, please don't say we sent you.
Photo of three flavors of to-go boozy slushees from Hey Love restaurant inside Jupiter NEXT

2. Hey Love's Slushees

We can't stop gushing about Hey Love's frozen boozy slushees. Whether you're vibing with strawberry rosé, pineapple vanilla, or both, grab a pouch of the good stuff, snag a chicken chow mein or two, and you'll stay cool all summer long.
Photo of Hollywood Theatre sign in Portland, Oregon

3. Head to the Hollywood

Our friends at Hollywood Theater are reopening on Friday, July 2, 2021! Celebrate out of the sun with the fully air-conditioned film-lovers' sanctuary, complete with pizza options, ice-cold craft beer, and all the first-run, second-run and arthouse films your heart can handle.
Photo of the inside of a bus

4. Take a ride on the Trimet

Portland's got a pretty solid public transportation system, with buses, light rail (MAX) trains, and streetcars, all servicing different areas of our fair city. Grab a day fare for $5, jump on board, and you'll be hanging out in air-conditioned vehicles while accessing all the nooks and crannies that Portland has to offer.
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5. Or, you can always stay in bed!

Of course, we're biased, but what better way to beat the heat than hole up in your hotel room, with your own personal AC unit, blackout curtains, free wifi, and an epic spread of minibar snacks to keep you occupied. Head down to Hey Love for lunch, pop back down for dinner, and your dream trip never needs to extend past the lobby. Just sayin'.
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We want you to get the most out of your stay here in Portland. Grab the gals, your furry pals, or whoever needs a break from that bright, beautiful sun. When you need a spot to rest when all is said and done... Get your room at the Jupiter!

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