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Oregon Truffle Festival
January 6, 2016
Beer at Labrewatory
February 8, 2016

Smith Tea Tasting Room

Smith Tea’s new Tasting Room is now open to the general public as of December 2nd in the heart of the up-and-coming Central Eastside Industrial District. To accommodate their growth, the new space is approximately 13,000 square feet - almost double the size of the NW Thurman location. Guests of the 20-seat Tasting Room will have a bird’s-eye view of production as well as the tea lab. See the announcement and pictures in Eater Portland.


Similar to flights offered at wineries and distilleries, here, you select four hot teas from the Smith Tea menu. Arranged on a tray from lightest to darkest, the service is complete with silver tasting spoons and informational tasting cards. Never tried a Darjeeling? Curious about Keemun? Flights are an excellent way to try something new, or a Smith version of one of the classics like a hearty, black breakfast tea or an Earl Grey (Smith Tea calls their Earl Grey “Lord Bergamot”). Tourists from around the globe visit the Teaworks to share flights with family and friends.
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