Le Pigeon at Jupiter NEXT

Now through April 3, Le Pigeon and Jupiter Next will team up on an epic in-room pop-up restaurant and staycation package, with a 3-course meal designed by two-time James Beard awarded chef Gabriel Rucker, and cocktails by Hey Love.

To book a reservation, click on the Book Now button below, then choose the date and time you'd like to attend. Under the room type The X, you'll see a 6:00pm offering (seated by 5:30pm) and an 8:15pm offering (seated by 7:45pm). You'll also be asked if you'd like to add on a room. Would you like to stay in your private dining room all night? This is not required to enjoy the meal but HIGHLY recommended. You'll be on cloud 9 when the meal is over and that bed will look mighty comfortable!

Once you've confirmed your reservation, our team will reach out to you to fill out a Dinner Order Form where you will pick your courses, decide on drinks, and let us know any other pertinent information. You'll also receive further instructions on when to arrive for your meal (roughly 45 minutes before the first course to settle in, be greeted, and get your drinks situated).

Any questions? Reach out to lepigeonatthenext@gmail.com for answers!

If you would like to dine as a party of 3 or 4, please call the Jupiter front desk at 503-230-9200.

Interested in joining us for dinner and spending more than 1 night at the hotel? Call us at 503-230-9200 to get set up.
Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
Now through April 3, 2021

$100 per person, plus 20% gratuity added to each meal.

Limited seating available
3-Courses: Appetizers, Entrees, and Dessert
Wine Pairings, glasses, and bottles available
Cocktails by Hey Love
Special Thanks to Hey Love chef Roscoe Roberson

No substitutions available except vegetarian entree option

When you hit the booking button below, choose your date, then choose The X at the NEXT. Under the room type, you'll see rates for the 6:00pm or 8:15pm dinner times. Choose one of those, then you'll be able to decide if you want to add a sleeping room overnight at the NEXT.

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Plus, a portion of all meals will go towards Feed the Mass!
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