Hamlet Hams + Cocktails

Crafty Wonderland
November 28, 2015
The Portland Bazaar
December 7, 2015

Ham + Delicious Cocktails

Located in Portland’s Pearl District, just steps away from Oven and Shaker, lies the 2,000-square-foot space built around the casual service of nationally and internationally sourced hams and delicious cocktails. Hamlet is the Pearl's new destination to meet friends for dinner or to have a cocktail and bite while waiting for a seat at Oven and Shaker.

Chef Jun Robles leads the kitchen offering a rotating selection of seven hams from across the world,  including a stop on the “Ham Belt”. Bar curator and owner, Ryan Magarian offers a passionate and concise cocktail list that will rotate seasonally bringing in fresh and aromatic ingredients from all over.


Still undiscovered, get there soon before it's super crowded!
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