Where Grasses Grow Over Me

Compelling illusions
August 2, 2016
Bubble Gum Geometry
November 8, 2016

Christopher St. John

Where Grasses Grow Over Me

Nov 2 - Dec 7 2016. Opening Nov 10. 6-8PM

Christopher St. John lives and works in Portland, Oregon. His work touches on the impact of place on the shape of our lives, the vocabulary of form, the figure, and the joy of impermanence. For many years, St. John’s figurative work chronicled the self-destructive urges that seem to be consuming citizens as a nation. “I worked to craft a figurative gestalt that I felt revealed the essence of that despair, that nervous frenzy, that queer dislocation that pervades everything in this country; a country which has been at war since 2001,” explained St. John.

Having the desire to free his work, Christopher St. John’s most recent works move the focus into light and into a place where he can play with color and form and space.

“As Debussy wrote, sound and color should be adequate to express ideas, and I simply wish to be free as possible to move in light and in love,” says St. John. “The darkness will always have its place. When I first began painting, it was abstract art that initially called me, and at this stage in my life I find it to be a welcome friend and a return to home.”
Christopher St. John's work has been exhibited and collected across the United States and internationally in France, Sweden, Japan, Canada, and Malta. He received his BFA from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. His work is in the permanent collections of museums and universities in the United States. Christopher St. John is very happy to call the Pacific Northwest his homeland.

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