First Friday @ The Jupiter

First Friday w/Wilder Schmaltz
May 16, 2016
Gallery at the Jupiter: Paul Rutz
July 19, 2016

First Friday Flash Sale @ the Jupiter Hotel!

Free nibbles, art + bev July 1st, from 6 to 8 PM

The Jupiter Hotel has been an incubator for small businesses and a supporter of the arts. Their newest venture is the First Friday Artisan Series where they expand the concept of art into an exploration of all of the senses: visual, taste, touch, smell and sound.

Our current show features Wilder Schmaltz, a native Oregonian born in Portland, and his work often portrays anonymous people from earlier decades. Outdated notions of mutable concepts are a focus in his work such as clean living, delinquent or dangerous behavior, good citizenship and masculinity/femininity.

PLUS, local artist Karen Wippich is coming back to bring even more creative goodness to the line up! Karen grew up moving across the US, spending time alone creating characters and fantasies. Most of her adult life has been spent working as a graphic designer. Her design work has been widely published in the US and internationally. Karen’s expressionist acrylic paintings show her graphic influence with figures inhabiting and blending into abstract environments, their bodies breaking into geometric shapes, incised by lines.


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