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November 10, 2021
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November 15, 2021
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Need a way to warm up this winter season? Head over to our friends at Knot Springs, the high-end health club with yoga, Pilates, TRX & HIIT classes as well as a pool/sauna area & massage, located just a few blocks away from Jupiter NEXT. Book a 90-minute visit to the hot springs, relax in the sauna, sweat it out in an exercise class, or sign up to become a member and join them any time you want. First things first, make sure you...

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Warm up with a 90-minute visit to the Knot Springs' namesake hot springs. You'll get access for an hour and a half from 8am-2pm on weekdays, with access to the Springs, dry sauna, steam room, hot tubs, and cold plunge. Masks are required everywhere in the building except the springs themselves and the adjacent locker room. We *highly* recommend taking a dip in the springs on your visit. Seriously, there's nothing better!

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Prefer to sweat it out before heading into the hot springs? Join a group fitness class, and not only will you get the best the Knot Springs trainers have to offer, you'll get an hour in the springs following your class! Know you'll be going more than once? Check out their discount package for 5 weekday visits and get 10% off. Sounds like a solid way to get your workout in to us!

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When we say treatment, we mean MASSAGE! Okay, well, we also mean a delighful hour-long soak in the hot springs, followed by a 75-min customized facial or body work session... But could it be any better? Sure can! The products that Knot Springs uses in their facials includes skincare products by Laurel -- organic, biodynamic, raw, free of filters, locally-sourced, you get the picture. You can feel good about putting this stuff on your skin!

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Photo of hot springs at Knot Springs


Want to treat yourself to a full day at the spa? Start with a group fitness class, head to the Springs for a couple hours, get your facial on, and hang in the Member's Lounge throughout your visit. Treat yourself the right way, and do a whole day!

Visit for an Immersive Day
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FOOT RUB VISIT (Coming back in 2022!)

Take your time during a 1-hour visit to the hot springs, then get ready for the most epic foot rub of your life. Enjoy a complimentary glass of beer or wine while you get to relax, unwind, and live your best life. We highly recommend this option for groups, too (seriously, talk about an absolutely amazing way to end a weeklong business retreat...). Reach out to hello@knotsprings.com to inquire about any of their offerings!

Visit for a Foot Rub
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We're all about solo treat time, but we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the great group options available for wedding parties, work retreats, family get togethers, or birthday celebrations. The massage tents and foot rubs are perfect for a little group R&R -- just reach out to hello@knotsprings.com to inquire about all the good stuff & more!

Need a place to cozy up before heading to your room for the evening? Stop in at Hey Love for a night cap and enjoy it by the NEXT's lobby fireplace. Winter at Jupiter Hotel is unparalleled. All we need is YOU!

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