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February 1, 2015
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Beerquest beer tours

Explore the city’s vibrant beer culture and see first-hand why Portland’s known as the Beer Capital of the World. BeerQuest tours visits award-winning local breweries where guests will sample a variety of craft beer. Tours include the Haunted Pub Tour (Fri & Sat at 7PM) and the Portland Brewery Tour ( Fri – Sun at 2PM). BeerQuest is raked #1 on’s nightlife list.

Your expert tour guide will take you back to Portland’s early days, when the city was overrun with gangs, prostitution, gambling and opium dens. Learn about the notorious gangsters who kidnapped sailors, known as “shanghaiing,” and transformed Portland into the most dangerous port city in America.

Tours stop at two famous pubs for beer tastings and stories about their resident ghosts — a drug dealer, prostitute, and fireman. Guests will hear first-hand accounts of recent paranormal encounters while sampling 7 award-winning local beers.

Tours also visit the old Merchant Hotel, known as Portland’s most haunted building. The Hotel was recently featured on Travel Channels’ “Ghost Adventures” TV show.

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The Haunted Pub Tour is a spine-tingling ghost tour that explores Portland’s historic Old Town District, a vibrant area with beautiful 1800’s buildings, cobblestone streets and a wicked past.
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