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September 4, 2019
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Debbie Baxter
September 18, 2019
Back in Session

Our staff throws it back to high school days of yore

It’s that time of year once again. Summer’s ending (though we didn’t really see it in the first place this year, did we??) and school has just begun. Instead of posting our kids’ first days of school, we’re taking a look back at yesteryear’s “stylish” choices. And we’re starting with our staff! From jelly shoes to scene hair, we’ll be taking a walk down memory lane through photos of high school outfits past.

Julie Davies, Director of Sales

First up, our Director of Sales, Julie Davies (pictured far right), rocking that layered, lacy, jean skirt look. She might be on her way to the coolest all-ages club in town, or she might be hunkering down for a study date with the gals. This look was all about versatility, function, and lookin’ damn good!

Jake Grubb, Group Sales & Events Manager

Next, Sales Manager Jake Grubb (pictured left) with the epic scene-kid style. Hey, My Chemical Romance called, and they want their haircut back! Seriously, the emo swoop was on point.

Katie Watkins, Community Manager

Following that little number is Community Manager Katie Watkins’s prom shot in her parents’ driveway (and no, Jake wasn’t her date, but clearly they’ve got a lot in common!) with copper eyeshadow and matching helmet hair!

Eden Crown, Sales Coordinator

Our Sales Coordinator Eden Crown hasn’t changed a day. We’re not kidding. She looks exactly the same today as she does in her senior picture shown here. Lucky!!!

Louis Miller, Sales Coordinator

Sales Coordinator Louis Miller couldn’t wait to fill out those oversized shirts. Thank goodness, times and styles have changed, and our boy Lou is on the fitted-clothes train. But we feel like he’s feeling himself, so you do you, Lou.

Tod Breslau, Co-Owner and Managing Partner

And finally, the one we've all been waiting for: Co-owner and Managing Partner Tod Breslau has always had his luscious locks. Check out this original selfie-taker in action, setting trends long before they were a twinkle in the eye of the zeitgeist. Well... it's almost a selfie. Close enough!


Now that school is back in session, we know you may be in need of a staycation. Call the babysitter, get the in-laws on the horn, or bring the whole family… Just get here! And hey, if school ain’t even on your mind, all the better! Make time for you.

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