Whether you're looking for affordability or luxury, rocking out or staying in, we've got room for you. From motor lodge, to modern mainstay, we welcome everyone and we're glad you're here.

We began with a vision in 2004 when we revitalized an 81 room motor lodge connecting travelers to the vibrancy of Portland’s east side. That vision is alive and well as we prepare to open Jupiter NEXT, a 67 room evolution of our values and passion for community.

Whether you want the lively, in the middle-of-it-all feel of the Jupiter Hotel, or the elevated, watch-the world-go-by views of Jupiter NEXT, we have room for you.

The Jupiter Hotel was born out of a desire for a hotel with good design aesthetics that didn't break the bank. We wanted a place where you could go as a stranger and end up being part of a community, where the underground became the obvious, where you were rewarded for looking a little deeper. The Jupiter changes every season, every year. As owners we continue to evolve alongside our beloved hotel. We hope that when you visit, you too will profit from your time here.

- Kelsey Bunker Co-Founder

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